Cosplaying sculptor recreates iconic pop culture masks, from ‘Avatar’ to Zelda

Malcolm Hofmann of TikTok’s madprincedesigns is a cosplaying mask sculptor. Hofmann creates his own sculptures and molds to make costumes that reference “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Avatar” and the video game Zelda. The artist typically constructs a clay sculpture of each mask that’s an art piece but also serves as the base to create a silicone mold for more masks.

In one clip, Hofmann gave his followers insight on how to create a mold. He pours three layers of silicone onto an uka uka mask from the game Crash Bandicoot. Then he places another layer of silicone caulk onto it. Next, he smoothes on two layers of plaster bandages. Once dried, he removes the sculpture and the silicone mold is ready to use. 

In a different video, the artist shows how he constructed a sculpture from the ’90s classic “The Mask.” Hofmann starts with a crumbled up piece of Reynolds Wrap. He layers molding clay over it and sculpts it into the desired shape. He then uses precision tools to sculpt in details like the eyes, nose and mouth. After toiling away at the replica, he covers the mask in baby oil. Finally, it’s ready for painting which is completed in a second clip.


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The tutorial racked up 1.6 million views. Let’s just say there are a lot of Jim Carrey fans on TikTok.

“That’s one of my favorite movies,” one user wrote

“Yes, yes, yes. I just watched this movie yesterday!” another person wrote

“I’m watching the movie currently, great job!” one user wrote

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