These generic Costco products are made by some of your favorite retailers

It’s not hard to see why Costco has developed a cult following over the years. The big-box retailer has everything one could ever want or need, and all at a deeply discounted price.

Perhaps the store’s biggest selling point, though, is its generic products. Under the Kirkland label, Costco sells surprisingly high-quality products — and there’s a reason why they’re so good.

Recently, bargain shopper @ashiemari took to TikTok to reveal that many of the Costco generic products are actually made my major retailers. Needless to say, she blew people’s minds.

“This is interesting!” one person said.

“God bless you,” another added.

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Below, discover some of the popular Costco generic products that are actually manufactured by big brands.

1. Kirkland Coffee

As @ashiemari points out in her video, Kirkland Coffee is made and manufactured by none other than Starbucks. On the Costco website, the company even notes that the in-house brand’s beans are “custom roasted by Starbucks.” It also says as much on the bag!

2. Kirkland Pet Food

As confirmed by Dog Food Insider, all of the pet food sold under the Kirkland brand name is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. The generic product has a relatively good reputation among dog and cat owners!

3. Kirkland Jelly Beans

Costco makes it very clear through its labeling that its generic jelly beans are actually manufactured by Jelly Belly.

4. Kirkland Batteries

In an interview with WSB-TV Channel 2, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek confirmed that the Kirkland batteries were made and manufactured by Duracell. And not only are these batteries cheaper than their brand name counterparts, but many claim that they last longer, too.

5. Kirkland Tuna Fish

The generic tuna fish that Costco sells under its Kirkland label is manufactured by beloved brand Bumble Bee.

6. Kirkland Red Plastic Cups

As you can tell by reading the label, Costco’s red plastic cups are made by American paper goods company Chinet.

7. Kirkland Aluminum Foil

Another great Kirkland deal is the aluminum foil. The product is made by Reynolds Consumer Products, who also manufactures one of the most popular brand name aluminum foil products on the market.

8. Kirkland Diapers

Kirkland diapers are made by Kimberly Clark, the parent company of Huggies. Most moms agree that the two diaper brands are excellent.

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