Costco snaps customer’s membership photo mid-sneeze: ‘You look like Voldemort’

A man practically begged Reddit to roast him when he shared his Costco ID photo fail. 

Redditor posted the hilarious picture and received over 144,000 upvotes. The user explained that “Costco apparently doesn’t retake membership card photos if you sneeze.” You can be sure the photo was very much taken mid-sneeze.

In the small membership card photo, the Redditor’s face looks like he is bracing to expel a sneeze. His eyes are open but wincing, and his mouth is agape but downturned like a fish’s mouth. It’s definitely not anyone’s ideal ID photo but a picture worth keeping nonetheless. 

“This is how a big toe feels when it gets stubbed,” someone joked

“Sneezing with your eyes open. Brave. Courageous. Even honorable,” another added

“I can’t stop laughing at this! You’ve gotta keep it. You’ll make all the Costco checkers’ smile or laugh, which is a frigging gift these days. Seriously great pic, dude!” a person wrote

“You look like Voldemort on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head,” a Harry Potter fan said

“I’m halfway convinced Costco will retake your membership photo, but they knew they had gold on their hands, so they convinced OP [that] their policy is to not retake photos. This is too good to redo,” a user suggested

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