TikTokers are divided over how Costco makes its pizzas

A chef has TikTok enamored with how Costco sauces its pizzas

Brendan Jay Sullivan is an author and pizza chef in New York City. As you might imagine, Sullivan is a pizza connoisseur. He vlogs about the beloved dish, how to make it and the best places to find it on TikTok. Back in July, Sullivan went viral when he showed his followers how Costco puts sauce on its pizza.

The footage showed a round slab of pizza dough on a device that looks like a record player. The dough spun as the “needle” dispensed sauce. It created a spiral that moved from the outer edge to the center. 

“Is that sauce? OK, that’s enough. Alright, that’s fine. It keeps going. Alright, stop it already,” Sullivan said.

The video racked up over 7.4 million views. People had lots of thoughts about pizza sauce and Costco pizza.

“Costco pizza is honestly top tier,” a user said

“That’s why NY pizza is the best; light sauce is the only way,” someone said

“Can’t ever have too much sauce,” another wrote

In a follow-up, Sullivan admitted he had never been to Costco or even tried their pizza. He rectified the issue by grabbing a slice at the chain. The chef’s final verdict was that the pizza was “heavy” and “very greasy” but had “decent crust.” 

“It was not very good. The dough was too doughy and undercooked,” he said

While the expert wasn’t impressed, the jury is still out based on all the comments declaring love for Costco pizza.

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