TikTokers count their haters with Steph Curry meme: ‘I go to sleep just fine’

Athletes and celebrities often address their haters or naysayers in the public eye, and TikTokers are now doing the same thing in their personal lives using a Stephen Curry CapCut template. 

The template is fueled by a highlight from Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals in which Curry hits a three-point shot to end the first half. After the play, Curry counted to three to indicate that he just made a difficult three-pointer. The template also features a sped-up version of “Bossman!” by Lonestar Void, with the lyrics “One man, two man, three man down” synced up with Curry’s counting.

Currently, this template has over 1.7 million uses, with users all over the app individually counting the negative people in their lives. 

“How many people you pissed off when you got married,” wrote @issia.lee in her video. 

As the comments show, she wasn’t the only person who angered others while getting married.

“A lot of people were angry when my husband and I got married! But I go to sleep just fine,” said @beethesocialite

On a different note, even younger students have found people they see as haters — specifically their teachers. 

“How many teachers hate your friend group,” said @fivexclusive

This trend also goes past just Steph Curry. Soccer fans have opted to use a video of Lionel Messi counting to three instead of Curry. The purpose and execution of the meme are the same, but the star athlete is swapped out. 

“How many people were pissed that y’all started dating,” said @miggyohboy in his post. 

If there are people in your life that doubted or were angry at one of your decisions, this is the perfect template to show the world what you went through. 

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