Woman heartbroken by husband’s ‘belittling’ career-based comments: ‘My job is harder than hers’

A husband and wife are fighting about whose job is more demanding.

The husband shared an incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and his wife have degrees from the same college in different fields. He makes three times the amount his wife makes and only works a few hours a day. His wife began to question how little he worked and how much more he made in comparison. One day, this led to an explosive fight

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“My wife is a social media/ad sales manager, and I am a computer scientist,” he explained. “I was promoted just before the pandemic and now make about three times what she does (we both have bachelor’s degrees from the same school). This is all relevant because once we began working from home, my wife saw that I ‘do a lot less work than her.’ Essentially, I am given projects and deadlines. If I finish a project prior to the deadline, I spend my extra time playing Xbox, taking the dogs to the park and keeping the house tidy. Her job is different. She works eight to 10 hours a day and is often roped into helping coworkers with projects when she isn’t working.”

His wife began to grow more frustrated as her work mounted and his did not. 

“She’s recently been frustrated (jealous, in my opinion) that I ‘work less hard’ (her words) than her, yet get paid much more than her,” he wrote. “Every time she sees me playing Xbox or something, she has to make a snide comment about how I don’t deserve my salary, how she wishes she got paid to sit on her a**, etc. Two days ago I finally snapped and told her that while I may not work as many hours, my skillset is much more difficult than hers and far more desirable. I said that if she was unhappy with our COMBINED household income (just over $200k) that she could go back to school and get a computer science degree and that I was absolutely sick of her trying to make me feel bad because she’s unhappy with her career. Well, she’s been ignoring me for two days and her mom called me and told me off for belittling her.”

Reddit didn’t like how either adult behaved in the situation. 

“Both of you need to be more understanding,” someone commented

“You both need to learn to respect the other,” another wrote

“You both need to start treating each other like you, know, actually like and respect each other?” a user said

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