Woman sparks internet chaos after revealing her weekly household chores: ‘Your husband isn’t pulling his weight’

A wife became so fed up with her husband she decided to charge him housework fees

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if her request was out of line. Her husband is the breadwinner and she is a stay-at-home mom. She manages the household and raises the kids. But her husband also expects her to do his job-related paperwork at a moment’s notice. After being fed up with the number of duties, she said she would charge him a $50 fee. 

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“I’m a stay-at-home wife, and mother of four, my husband is the breadwinner,” the wife said. “This means I take on almost all of the housework, child-raising, and I try to do as much as I can so he can come home and relax as much as possible. One of the things I’m in charge of is all his admin. Whether it be updating his resume, booking him into courses/flights/appointments, arranging accommodation, sending off his application to job and all the relevant paperwork that goes with it. If anyone ever gets an email from him, it’s me.”

The wife then decided to charge him administration fees for the paperwork. 

“Today he rang me in a huff thinking I’d possibly jeopardized his upcoming new job by not sending in the correct paperwork,” she explained. “Even after I explained three times that I had done it all and that it had been received by the recruiter, he continued being short and snippy. Now I’m thinking, since he expects me to always drop whatever I’m doing and immediately see to his paperwork whenever it comes in, I should start charging him a small fee. I thought a maximum of $50 a week for these ’emergency admin tasks’ (never ever an emergency, just him being pushy).” 

Reddit users thought the wife had every right. 

“Your husband isn’t pulling his weight and you’re enabling him and diminishing everything you do,” one person commented

“You flat out shouldn’t be doing any of it. He’s being lazy and entitled,” another said

“Your husband is unreasonable, irresponsible for his own life and demanding and demeaning at best,” someone said

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