Woman taken aback by husband’s reaction to simple household request: ‘Let this one go’

A woman is fed up with her husband running up the electricity bill. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The problem is her husband wears inappropriate clothing for the weather and adjusts the heat according to his preference. So when he set the heat to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and wore nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, she became furious. Then her husband came up with a solution without consulting her. 

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“So I own a house with my husband and we split the bills that go with a house down the middle,” the wife explained. “One of the bills I’ve paid for the past 10 years is our electricity bill. My husband got up to grab some water and while he was up, I asked him if he could switch on the heat. He did and came back to bed. About two hours later, I was getting ready for work and started feeling warm. I checked the thermostat and he had cranked up the heat to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I turned it back down and grabbed his warms socks and pants to find him sitting with nothing but shorts and a t-shirt on. This is where the argument started.” 

The thermostat was set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit as a default, so she knew he raised the heat on purpose. 

“When I tried to talk to him again, he had already called the utility company and changed the name of the electric bill to his name, sent me $500 for the whole year’s worth of electric bills, and paid for March’s bill too. He says now I can’t complain about it ever again, which seems more like a tantrum than an actual solution to saving us both money,” she said

Reddit users weighed in with their opinions. 

“Unless you actually can’t afford that extra $50 as a couple, maybe it’s not your priority to keep the heat at 72, but it is his and his comfort matters too. Let this one go,” someone commented

“Both of you could’ve compromised but instead you continue to argue over something fairly petty,” another wrote

“Your husband could have been a little more compromising but so could you,” a user said

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