Couple transforms tiny van into a space-saving mobile home

A couple sold their home to live in a van. Now, they’re comfortably traveling the country. 

Ben and Malory Landheer have always loved hiking, traveling and visiting family around the U.S. In February 2020, they decided to fully commit to what they love. The couple sold their house, saved $60,000 and transformed a 2017 Ford Transit T350 into a mobile home. The van cost $25,500, while the renovation totaled $13,500 and took four-and-a-half months. When designing their new home, the Landheers focused on space and storage.

“We wanted to make sure that we utilized the space as much as possible,” Malory told In The Know. 

The van has a sink area with a toilet that pulls out from a cabinet, and the couch converts into a bed. They’ve even incorporated solar power in the vehicle. The Landheers did everything themselves using YouTube tutorials, including building and installing the windows, plumbing, cabinets and electrical work.  

When they were ready to hit the road, they both quit their jobs at a church ministry. To earn money, they advertise the logo of an insurance company on their van and do remote work. Malory and Ben have since visited North Carolina and the West Coast in 2021. 

Nevertheless, the pair admitted that living in close quarters isn’t always smooth. 

“Honestly, we’re really good at fighting. I mean that in the best way. You’re living in a small space with your significant other, and it takes a lot of communication,” Malory told In The Know.

There were also a few lessons they learned on the road, like that gas is more expensive in California, for starters. 

“You can have a successful marriage and still pee in front of each other,” Ben said. “And you don’t need as many clothes as you think you might.” 

You can keep up with the Landheer’s van adventures by following them on YouTube.

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