Couple unearth hot tub hidden under home office

Quarantine has provided people with plenty of time to work on home improvement projects. However, while most people have kept it simple by repainting walls and rearranging furniture, one couple decided to take things a step further by unearthing a hot tub hidden under their home office.

Mark Ronsman and his wife Jenny have lived in their house for a little over three years. When they purchased their home, the previous owner informed them that there had been a hot tub in one of the rooms way back when.

Credit: Mark Ronsman

“When we bought this house, we knew there was a hot tub in this room. But the elderly woman who sold us the house said they got older and stopped using it, so they converted it to an office,” Mark explained on Facebook.

Though Mark and his wife knew there was a hot tub hidden under the floor of their home office for years, it wasn’t until quarantine that they actually had the time to dig it up.

Credit: Mark Ronsman
Credit: Mark Ronsman
Credit: Mark Ronsman

“I was pleased to find the tile in the hot tub looks beautiful! And it’s super deep!” Mark wrote. “I’m just now finally getting to fixing it up to run again. Hopefully soon while this lockdown is going on.”

Mark, a systems engineer by trade, is pleasantly surprised by how well-preserved the hot tub is.

“I was truly shocked and overjoyed that something so beautiful was IN my house! I was also truly grateful to discover the previous owners took such great care that what they did could be reversed!” Mark told In The Know.

Credit: Mark Ronsman

Speaking to LADBible, Mark said that he and his wife hope to have the hot tub up and running “within the next two to four [weeks].” Relaxing in a newly refurbished hot tub is definitely not a bad way to spend quarantine!

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