Couples experiment with uncommon wedding trend amid pandemic

Instead of having huge weddings, brides and grooms are opting for selecting a small but exclusive group of guests. These so-called micro-weddings are a way to limit contact but also keep ceremonies limited to local loved ones.

Ashley Scharr and Austin Butterfield are one such couple, according to the Associated Press. The pair were originally set to wed on Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University campus but had to scrap the plans. Instead, they downsized.

“It was perfect, honestly even though we were planning a really big wedding, this turned out to be absolutely everything that I wanted and more. So, I couldn’t be happier,” Scharr, now Ashley Butterfield, told the Associated Press.

Using data from The, the Associated Press found that the U.S. averaged about 20,000 to 30,000 weddings every weekend before the outbreak. Over 550,000 weddings were planned for April, May and June in 2020. However, 93 percent of couples with scheduled weddings have pushed them back, while only 7 percent have canceled.

The average cost of a pre-pandemic wedding was about $34,000 with an average of 131 guests. However, the Butterfields opted for a $2,000 ceremony at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms. The 90-minute ceremony has goats, flowers, a photoshoot, a wedding cake, champagne and a venue. Only eight guests are allowed so the couple opted for five.

“To any other bride that’s had their 2020 wedding canceled: I know it’s hard, I know it’s heart-breaking, but try and be creative,” the recent bride said. “There are so many options for you. You can have everything you dreamed of in 2020. I promise.”

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