Influencer stirs controversy over cover letter ‘scam’

An OnlyFans model is dividing the internet over the way she landed a job in 2014.

U.K.-based model Nisa Tee tweeted about the time when she was 19 years old and couldn’t get a job. For a barista job she wanted, Tee was required to submit a cover letter along with her resume — which she did, although she didn’t write it herself.

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“I couldn’t be a**** writing a cover letter so I made a fake job ad for the job I was applying for on gumtree and like 200 people applied and I picked the best cover letter as my own,” she said.

As Tee explained, she posted the job description on Gumtree, which is basically the U.K. equivalent of Craigslist. The influencer added that once she found the letter she liked, she “rephrased” and submitted it as her own. According to her posts, she got the job.

To prove her story, Tee tweeted a photo of her inbox with several Gumtree emails of applicants replying to her fake post.

Credit: Twitter

The response on Twitter seemed split, with some in awe over how clever the hack was and others thinking it was taking advantage of the 200 people who sent her cover letters.

“You hacked the system,” one person replied.

“Work smarter not harder!” another said. “Genius.”

“Can’t believe people are praising what she did,” a user pointed out. “All those 200 people had hoped to get a job but they were being scammed.”

According to Tee’s TikTok, she isn’t too bothered by the backlash.

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