Husband is shocked when he looks behind front door and discovers a cow: ‘What did you do?’

This husband had the shock of a lifetime when he came home to find his wife surprised him with a cow, and the hilarious video is going viral on TikTok!

TikToker Destiny Lane (@destiny_lane8) is an animal lover and newlywed who shares fun videos of daily life on a farm with her husband, Dalton. In one of Lane’s videos, which went viral, she surprises Dalton with a pet cow named Oakley as he arrives home, and people on TikTok are in hysterics! 

The clip, which has over 99 million views and counting, begins with the words “When your husband comes home from work, and you have a cow in the house,” written on screen over footage of Dalton walking through the front door. Little does he know that behind that door is a sleeping cow!

Lane tells her husband to stop as he reaches the door. “You know I love you, right? So much,” she assures him, to which Dalton’s immediate response is, “What did you do?” 

She softly says to come inside before warning Dalton to be careful, “because there’s something behind the door.” 

Dalton then turns the corner to see what awaits him while Lane begins to chuckle from behind the camera. 

“Where the f**k did you get a g**damn cow?!” Dalton asks, stunned yet somewhat amused. “Whose cow?!”

Between giggles, Lane casually replies, “It’s my cow.” 

“Where the f**k did you get a cow?!” her husband inquires a second time.

“Steve,” Lane explains, referring to her stepfather

“Where did HE get a cow?! I [wondered] why [is] there a fence outside?” Dalton asks at the end of the clip. 

Lane’s viral video left viewers in stitches.

“The fact [that] he’s not upset that you HAVE the cow, but he’s confused WHERE you got this cow,” laughed one user. 

“He yelled at you in lowercase,” one TikToker joked. 

“He’s low key excited they have a cow,” observed another viewer. 

Even the streaming service Netflix (@netflix) chimed in to pun, “He just moooved in!” 

Though Oakley seems to be living his best life as a house cow, Lane mentions in another comment that he’ll eventually move out to the barn located on their four-acre property. 

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