Man outraged by co-workers’ ‘childish’ workplace action: ‘Whiny and self-centered’

A man doesn’t want to speak to his female coworker after an incident involving HR

He wanted to know if he did the right thing so he went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and his wife Jamila work at the same company. The company is aware of the relationship. Sometimes he and his wife are flirty during lunch breaks but it was never an issue. Then he started mentoring a new intern, Olivia. The Reddit poster was flabbergasted when he learned Oliva reported Jamila to HR for sexual harassment. 

“We recently took on a new intern Olivia, who’s in my department,” he said. “I do most of her training and have been her mentor. Due to this, she spends a lot of her breaks with me and my group and leaves around the same time I do. Jamila comes to visit me during lunch and there is light PDA. She’ll put her hand on my chest, take a bite of my lunch, squeeze my muscles, the usual flirty stuff. It’s not an issue usually. My wife came home crying last Friday as she’d been reported to HR for harassment. There weren’t any real repercussions since as soon as they opened her file they saw that we were married.”

Then Olivia admitted to filing the report and took a hard stance against Jamila’s behavior. 

“I didn’t know of anyone who could’ve reported her until this Monday, Olivia asked me if Jamila was still groping me. I asked her what she meant,” he explained. “She told me she put in a report with HR because she saw Jamila grab my a** in the parking garage. To be fair, Jamila did grab my a**, however, the advance wasn’t unwanted. I explained to Olivia that Jamila and I were married. However, she was firm in her belief that Jamila shouldn’t touch me at all at work and that it sends a weird message to others at work. Since then I’ve avoided speaking to Olivia if things aren’t work-related and it’s been affecting her emotionally. She’s been very sad and inattentive at work and my coworkers are telling me to stop treating her this way because she was just looking out for my best interest.” 

Reddit users thought Olivia was way out of line. 

“Olivia is a whiny and self-centered person,” one person commented

“What’s she’s doing is very childish and sounds like she’s trying to manipulate your coworkers into thinking you’re the bad guy,” another said

“That is some serious overstepping,” someone wrote

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