5 cozy games for leisure-loving gamers who want relaxing gameplay

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Hate to break it to you, but not all gamers are here for first-person shooter games. In fact, there are gamers out there with intense gaming setups dedicated to playing cozy games. You know, the ones that are played for leisure, filled with absolutely no violence, and those who play them aren’t always considered “real gamers” because of it. Welp, this one goes out to you.

It’s no secret that the gaming world is dominated by men. As a result, it can be really hard to find cozy games — but not impossible. A lot of the cozy games out there include many simulation games. Think “Animal Crossing” or “Cozy Grove.” However, you can catch really fun and visually stimulating games like the queer-friendly “Calico,” where you go around petting animals and building your cat café.

On the other hand, there are also cozy games that speak to your emotional side and genuinely make you feel for the characters. The game “Florence” lets you play as a 25-year-old going through memories of childhood, answering calls from your mother, and, of course, dating. Meanwhile, games like “When The Past Was Around” uncover a storyline that you have to figure out by flipping over rocks, looking through racks of clothes and closets and finding answers for lingering questions about the plot.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest cozy games if you’re looking for a chill time.

1. Cozy Grove, $14.99

Credit: Walmart

This simulation game is similar to “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” because you play in real-world time, but it’s slightly spookier because you do tasks for townspeople and ghosts. Playing as a spirit scout, you’ll play 30 to 60 minutes of quests each day and help various spirits and characters. After that, you are free to fish, craft and decorate.

2. Calico, $11.99

Credit: Microsoft

One of the most Kawaii cozy games on Nintendo switch, “Calico” is a world of magical girls. The game makes you responsible for updating your aunt’s cat café. When you’re not placing flowers on coffee tables, you’ll be making baked goods — albeit shrunken in size — to make money for the café. Plus, you get to round up and pet animals to follow you, roam about or live in your café. You can even nab potions to enlargen them and ultimately ride them across town to get from quest to quest.

3. Cooking Simulator, $19.99

Credit: Microsoft

In this game, you learn how to run a kitchen. With a face similar to that of Gordon Ramsay directing you on how to make full-on meals in the kitchen, you’ll be rounding up ingredients, opening and closing fridges and even seasoning food with exact measurements. Ultimately, it’s your job to take the restaurant you’re working in from drab to five-star fab with every correct dish you make.

4. Wide Ocean Big Jacket, $1.99 (Orig. $7.99)

Credit: Nintendo

Follow the story of an aunt and uncle with their middle school niece and her boyfriend as they take a trip to the middle of the woods. The short story game lets you take part in the world of camping trips by roasting hot dogs, birdwatching, doing cartwheels and telling stories. With 20 chapters and the ability to play all four characters, there’s no shortage of kicking back and doing tasks in the woods.

5. Very Very Valet, $19.99 (Orig. $29.99)

Credit: Amazon

Just like the title says, you are a valet employee racing against the clock to take cars, park them and deliver them after your customer’s meal is done. Don’t be fooled — it sounds easy, but multiple cars will come at you needing service. And no, your parking skills don’t have to be immaculate, which makes the game all the more fun and challenging to play.

Take some time to delve into these cozy games while you’re at home or out and about with your Nintendo Switch Lite. Either way, you’ll easily be able to find a fun time playing these low-stakes games.

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