TikToker ends up in hospital after cracking his neck

A TikToker is warning his followers against cracking their necks at home after the bad habit landed him in the hospital.

On March 1, TikTok user Kaden Thaddeus, aka @ur.boi, uploaded a video from a hospital bed with the caption “Don’t crack your neck. Just don’t.”

“Note to self kids: If you feel like cracking your neck, don’t,” he added in his video.


Don’t crack your neck. Just don’t.

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In a follow-up video he made once he was discharged from the hospital, Thaddeus explained how a simple neck crack resulted in a trip to the E.R.

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“No, it was not a joke,” he said about his previous video. “I was in the emergency room last night for cracking my neck, which of course raised a lot of questions.”

“This morning, I felt a crack so deep in my neck, I’m like, ‘If I push my neck just a little bit farther, I’ll get to that crack,'” he explained. “So I pushed and it didn’t come. So I pushed a little harder. And then I slipped a little bit and I, like … my head was, like, sideways. And next thing I know, I can’t turn my head to the right, it feels like someone’s stabbing me in the neck and I’m in the emergency room.”

At the hospital, Thaddeus said he was given a C.T. scan so the doctors could figure out what was wrong, though it’s unclear what his diagnosis actually was. Regardless, his story time was enough to scare many users into thinking twice about cracking their necks ever again.

“I’m never cracking my neck again,” one person said.

“Now I’m scared, another added.

Is cracking your neck actually dangerous?

According to the experts at First Chiropractic in Austin, Texas, cracking your neck stretches the capsules around the joints, which are filled with gases and fluid. Cavitation — in which these small bubbles of gas and liquid pop — can ease pain and discomfort, but if the cracking is done improperly, it can damage the blood vessels in your neck and lead to a stroke.

If you ever feel like you have to force your neck to crack, stop what you are doing and seek professional help, as this may be a sign of a neck injury. Any neck pain or stiffness should also be checked out by a medical professional.

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