Cracker Barrel waitress performs ’embarrassing’ stunt with hot coffee

A Cracker Barrel waitress was left mortified after attempting a bizarre stunt and failing at the execution.

The waitress, whose name is Sara, was working as usual when TikToker Raymond Hess sat in her section. When Sara came over with his coffee, she decided to pour it into the mug while balancing it on her foot — and that’s when chaos ensued.

“You’re gonna make me nervous,” Sara says as she gets ready to pour the scalding hot liquid into the unsteady mug. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go well.


The waitresses at cracker barrel built different #xyzbca #fyp

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At first, Sara is able to aim the coffee into the mug while simultaneously balancing it on her foot. However, when she bends down to pick the mug up, it falls, spilling coffee everywhere.

“The waitresses at Cracker Barrel [are] built different,” Hess joked in his caption. He seems to have found the whole ordeal rather amusing — as did many TikTokers.

“I am in tears,” one person said.

TikTok doesn’t ever disappoint,” another wrote.

“Why is this so funny to me,” a third asked.

Others didn’t really understand why Sara attempted the stunt with blistering hot coffee in the first place.

“What was the reason,” one person said.

“What was the point of this,” another added.

“This hurt,” a third person commented.

It’s unclear whether Hess asked Sara to balance the coffee on her foot for the sake of a TikTok, but according to some commenters, this is apparently something that Cracker Barrel waiters and waitresses are trained to do. Either way, Hess noted in the comments that he gave Sara a big tip and that he had “a lot of respect for her.”

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