Make cool sculptures with this kid-friendly craft noodle activity

This mom on TikTok shared a DIY kid-friendly activity that uses craft noodles to make sculptures, and it’s totally brilliant!

TikToker Nicole (@hello_happy_mom) is a busy parent and blogger who often shares clips of parenting hacks, crafts, and reviews of her favorite household products. One of her videos features a clever and easy craft for making sculptures out of craft noodles, and it’s a DIY game changer. 

The clip begins with a shot of a bowl filled with an assortment of colorful craft noodles. “This is the easiest, best craft for kids,” Nicole explains. All you need is craft noodles and a damp paper towel for the activity.

In the following footage, Nicole demonstrates how the craft noodles stick together by moistening their ends with the wet paper towel

Most biodegradable craft noodles or packing peanuts are made from cornstarch or potato starch, which both dissolve when submerged in water. However, when they get just slightly wet, they stick together, making them ideal for creating different shapes and structures. 

Nicole closes the video showing viewers how you can make all sorts of things over a shot of a purple and orange craft noodle spider and another spooky creature with multiple legs extending in every direction.

The craft noodle craft sparked a wave of nostalgia amongst viewers who took to the comments to reminisce about how they used the spongy little noodles. 

“This brings back memories I [had] forgotten about,” shared one user. 

“Have you tried to cut them in half and stick them in water then put them on a piece of paper that has a drawing on it? Try it out,” recommended one crafty TikToker. 

“I LOVED doing these when I was little,” one viewer recalled. raft-

If you’re looking for fun activities you can do by recycling ordinary materials, this craft noodle craft is definitely worth a try.

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