Couple meets in unexpected way: ‘This is like a romance novel’

A couple shared the unexpected way they met, and TikTok is loving the twists and turns in their relationship story. 

TikToker Ciara Benko posted a video about she met her wife Molly Hawkins. It all started when Benko was moving into a new apartment and needed a roommate. She put an ad on Craigslist, and Hawkins responded to the ad. The rest is history. 

“To the girl who applied to be my roommate on Craigslist in 2015,” Benko said in the caption. 

Benko then pointed to an email she received via Craigslist from Hawkins that year.

“The place looks amazing! My name is Molly, I’m 26 and work as a production manager at an ad agency in Chelsea. I’m originally from California but moved here from D.C. a little over a year ago and currently live in Stuytown,” the Craigslist note from Hawkins said

The video then cut to a mask-donning Benko on one knee proposing to Hawkins on a boat during the pandemic. Hawkins jumped up and down in excitement. 

“Roommates 4 life,” the video caption read as the two women leaned in for a kiss. 

TikTok loved the couple’s meet-cute story and gushed about it in the comments. The video received over 3.6 million views. 

“This is like a romance novel, help,” one person said

“I literally gasped,” another commented. “I love this so much.”

“Please. This would make such a good rom-com,” someone added

Benko and Hawkins revealed more details of their relationship in a few follow-up videos. It turns out, Benko didn’t actually choose Hawkins to be her roommate at first. Benko claimed she was too “obsessed” and didn’t want living together to ruin that. Instead, the two became text message friends.

In fact, they didn’t see each other for years, even though they frequented the same spots and even worked at the same company. It wasn’t until 2019 that they decided to finally date after years of bad timing. They moved in together three months later, spent the pandemic together and then Benko proposed. 

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