This ‘concerning’ real estate listing took ‘open floor plan’ to a whole new level

This has to be one of the craziest Zillow listings of all time.

Over the past few years, bizarre real estate listings have become their strange corner of the internet.

Earlier this year, an apartment in London went viral after Twitter users questioned whether or not it was actually just a refurbished gym. Before that, users were scratching their heads about homes with room-sized showers and mansions made of shipping containers.

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The latest entry in the crazy Zillow trend is a $900,000 home for sale in Boston. At first, the four-bedroom house looks charming and quaint — until you get to the bathroom.

The listing went viral thanks to Zillow Gone Wild, a social media account dedicated to all the wild, fascinating home listings out there. The page shared photos of the home — and its unique “open” floor plan — on Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, it was hard for users to ignore the bathroom, which is … ugh … part of the living room?

Credit: Nichols Realty Team

On what appears to be the home’s main floor, the bathroom is completely exposed to the rest of the home. There’s no door and no wall — however, there is a tiny shard of glass blocking off the toilet.

The shower, meanwhile, seems to be even more “open.” It’s encased in clear glass and is seemingly visible from the next room over.

Credit: Nichols Realty Team

Naturally, Instagram users had a lot to say about the listing. Many called the design “concerning” and a “nightmare.”

“I’ve never been more uncomfortable,” one user wrote.

“I’d rather die than use that bathroom,” another added.

“NOOOOO WHAT IS HAPPENING,” another asked.

Credit: Nichols Realty Team

Overall, Instagram users seemed pretty impressed by the remainder of the home — which, to be fair, does have two presumably more private bathrooms.

“Looks like my Sims house when I run out of money,” one commenter joked.

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