Create ‘fireworks in a jar’ with this fun homemade experiment for kids

This TikTok parent shared a colorful DIY science experiment to help children learn about density.  

Michelle (@7daysofplay) is a TikToker and parent who frequently posts videos of crafts, lessons, and kid-friendly educational activities! In one video, she shares an easy, fun science experiment intended to teach kids about density. 

Aside from this being a super engaging experiment you can do at home, you probably already have most of the materials available in your kitchen for these “fireworks in a jar.” All you need is water, cooking oil, and food coloring

To do the experiment, start by pouring water into a Mason jar. Then add oil and multiple drops of food coloring in a separate bowl before finally pouring it in the water. 

“Explain to your kids this is all about density,” Michelle instructs over footage of the oil and food coloring being added to the water.

Since food coloring is heavier than oil, it will sink into the water below the oil and create small bursts of color that resemble tiny fireworks. 

Parents and non-parents alike took to the comments to express their amazement and appreciation for this simple science trick

“Omg, I’m a nanny, and sometimes I have a hard time finding stuff to do. I’m definitely trying this out with my kids tomorrow! Thank you,” expressed one caregiver. 

“You just made my daughter’s day with this one! We have done it 10 times now! Thank you,” one parent enthused. 

“Omg, I want to try this, and I don’t even have kids, lol,” one viewer shared.

“Put Alka-Seltzer in, and it turns into a lava lamp,” suggested one user. 

It’s incredible how a few seemingly random household items can come together to form an interactive science experiment. Videos like this one show that there are many ways to blend play and lesson time.

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