5 creative fried chicken recipes from TikTok

Fried chicken is a dish so popular, you can find it pretty much anywhere. It’s on the menu at both fast-food restaurants and fine dining establishments. The go-to dish can be served on its own, on a sandwich and even with waffles for a delicious sweet and savory dish. If you love fried chicken but are looking for some new and exciting ways to prepare it, here are five creative fried chicken recipes you should try.

1. Ramen fried chicken

Love ramen? This is the fried chicken recipe for you. TikToker @chefchrischo makes a ramen fried chicken batter using salt, pepper, garlic, egg, potato starch and, of course, ramen. He pours several ramen flavor packets into the batter and uses crushed ramen noodles to give the batter extra texture. Then he fries up the chicken and adds a bit of additional ramen flavoring to the chicken once it’s cooked to give it an extra kick. 

2. Vegetarian fried ‘chicken

Who says vegetarians can’t enjoy a delicious piece of fried “chicken?” To make this vegetarian fried chicken, TikToker @lexaltirs combines flour and water into a dough, then washes and strains it to create a wheat gluten product known as seitan. He then coats the seitan in spices, dips it in eggs and flour, and fries it until it’s crispy and golden brown. The result looks and tastes so similar to real chicken that the TikToker claims his brother couldn’t tell the difference.

3. Blackberry Buffalo fried chicken

This fried chicken truly has it all. It’s sweet, salty, spicy and double fried for extra crispiness. TikToker @chilipeppercooks starts by making a batter with buttermilk, red pepper flakes, sriracha and garlic powder. He coats chicken legs in the batter, dips them into a mix of potato starch and cornmeal, then fries them twice at different temperatures. Finally, he coats the fried chicken in a sauce made from blackberries, sugar, honey and Thai chili powder.

4. Sticky garlic fried chicken bites

These sticky garlic chicken bites are the perfect bite-sized snack. TikToker @cookwithmariyah starts by seasoning their chicken pieces in salt, pepper, paprika and garlic. Then, they dip the chicken in eggs and breadcrumbs, and fry it in oil. Finally, they coat the chicken bites in a mix of soy sauce, honey, cloves and sriracha to make fried chicken bites that are a little bit spicy and full of flavor.

5. Fried chicken bao buns

Soft and chewy bao buns and crispy fried chicken are a match made in heaven. TikToker @cookwithmariyah marinades pieces of chicken in a mix of spices and buttermilk, then dips them in more spices and flour, and fries them up. Once fried, they pour a sauce made from brown sugar, soy sauce, hot sauce and honey onto the chicken. Finally, they fill bao buns with the fried chicken and some red onions coated in sugar and vinegar.

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