5 refreshing lemonade recipes perfect for summer sipping

Lemonade is a timeless classic. It’s sweet, citrusy and, above all, refreshing. Made with sugar, water and, of course, lemons, few things hit the spot like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. If you love lemonade but are ready for an upgrade, look no further than TikTok. Here are five creative lemonade recipes you should try. 

1. Creamy lemonade

Creamy lemonade is making a huge splash on TikTok! The trendy drink is made by filling a pitcher half full of ice, then adding lemon slices, lemon juice, sugar, water and condensed milk. TikToker @hayzeegirldesigns also recommends adding crushed strawberries and strawberry juice for some added color and sweetness. The condensed milk gives the lemonade a rich, creamy consistency that is unlike any lemonade you’ve ever had before!

2. Color-changing lemonade


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This color-changing lemonade is truly magical! To make it, TikToker @nicole_thenomad adds a quarter teaspoon of butterfly pea flower powder to a glass of water. The powder turns the water a rich blue color. Then she adds store-bought lemonade. As she pours the lemonade into the glass, the beverage slowly changes from blue to purple! According to Nicole, a chemical reaction between the butterfly pea flower powder and the lemonade causes the color to change, but it sure looks like magic!

3. 19th-century lemonade

This lemonade recipe comes from a 19th-century cookbook! The recipe, which explains how to make “portable” lemonade, may be over a century old, but it’s just as useful now as it was back in 1866. To make it, TikToker @mort_allie combines sugar, citric acid and lemon essence. Then they add the mixture to a pitcher of water to make lemonade. The recipe may be simple, but that’s the point. Just take a tablespoon of lemonade powder with you, and you can make a glass of lemonade anywhere you go!

4. Sparkling rose lemonade

This pink lemonade looks pretty and tastes even better. It’s made with lemon juice, rose syrup and sparkling water, and garnished with flower petals. The rose syrup gives the lemonade a unique floral flavor that sets it apart from traditional pink lemonade.

5. Maple mint lemonade

Maple syrup and mint give this lemonade a ton of flavor. To make it, TikToker @thatdudecancook starts by peeling, slicing and de-seeding a lemon. He places the lemon slices in a mortar and pestle with some mint and muddles them for one minute. Then he mixes in maple syrup and lemon juice, and pours the mixture into a jug. Finally, he adds water and ice, and stirs it up. To serve the lemonade, @thatdudecancook lines a glass with thin lemon slices, adds ice to the glass, then strains the lemonade to remove any larger mint or lemon pieces.

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