Creative TikToker makes entire outfit out of Solo cups

There’s nothing like a little red dress to get the party started.

Asho, a TikTok user who goes by the handle @yoasho, has started a trend, making fashion creations out of common household items. The budding designer has made outfits with brown Walmart plastic bags and orange party essentials like plastic forks and table covers. But it’s her red Solo cup look that’s made her an internet sensation. 

“Red party cups but make it fashion,” Asho captioned the TikTok

The clip has accumulated over 30,000 views since she posted it — her most successful TikTok to date.

First, she cuts the bottom off of each cup in the video. The flat red circles are used to construct a bralette top with a layered circular appliqué effect.

Next, she stitches the bodies of the cups together with a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine and Coats & Clark thread to make a ruffled mini skirt. To accessorize she cuts the centers out of some of the appliques. By reversing a few of the centers — so the white side is visible — and linking them together, they look like a red and white belt. 

The end result fit perfectly. Asho paired the look with red lens sunglasses and silver heels.

However, the process was not without a few hiccups. Asho revealed she got cut a few times on the plastic. At one point she even tried using heat to smooth the material out but it got too hard and started to curl.  Sewing the hard plastic was not easy either — she went through two needles. 

Nevertheless, users were impressed with Asho’s creativity.

“I’m sorry you wore WHAT and still bodied all of us?” one user wrote. 

“Come on now fashion!!!! I freaking love this girl!!! Creativity on 1000% good job,” another said.

“You would kill it on a Project Runway upcycle challenge. You did that sis,” one person said.

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