5 creative twists on classic dumplings

Dumplings come in many shapes and sizes. Consisting of a piece of dough folded around a filling, dumplings can be prepared by steaming, frying or boiling them. You can customize them with your favorite ingredients. There’s pretty much a dumpling for every diet and appetite. If you’re in the mood to broaden your dumpling horizons, here are five dumpling recipes from TikTok that aren’t your average potstickers!

1. Boiled pork dumplings

TikToker Johnny Plastic (@johnnyplastic) fills his dumplings with a mixture of ground pork, Chinese cabbage, garlic, ginger, chives, soy sauce, sesame oil and an egg to help bind the ingredients together. In the interest of saving time, Plastic opts for store-bought dumpling wrappers. He folds the dough around the filling, pressing the edges together. Try pleating the ends for an extra fancy dumpling! 

2. Steamed rose dumpling

There are many different ways to fold dumplings. TikToker Kevin Ashton (@oldscoolkevmo) leveled up his folding skills with this dumpling recipe. After laying out a row of wrappers with the sides overlapping, Ashton fills each wrapper and folds them over, forming a chain of dumplings. Now comes the cool part. One by one, Ashton gently rolls the dumplings over each other. The result is one giant dumpling shaped like a rose!

3. Fried turkey BBQ dumplings

TikToker Ananya Munjal’s (@munjal_makings) recipe is a BBQ-dumpling fusion. Best served fried, these crispy dumplings contain a blend of ground turkey, garlic, onions, Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chili garlic sauce, cumin and Chinese five-spice seasoning. Serve with chili oil, and bon appétit!

4. Dumpling soup

This dumpling soup recipe from TikToker Boss Bae Kitchen (@bossbaekitchen) is an easy and quick option when you’re short on time. Boil a mixture of water, broth, veggies, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, Hoisin sauce and chili paste. Add your favorite dumplings and let simmer. The result is a tasty dumpling soup packed with flavor. 

5. Vegan momo-shaped dumplings

TikToker Denusha Sharma’s (@badbrowniiie) recipe for vegan momo-shaped dumplings is a visual masterpiece. The recipe time-lapse begins with a bevy of chopped vegetables, then cuts to a mixture of seasonings and finishes with footage of Sharma folding the dumplings into a pleated, circular momo shape. If only all meals were prepared this quickly! 

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