Creative uses for instant ramen noodles

Everyone loves a good bowl of ramen, and there’s a reason the noodle dish has a tendency to go viral, especially on TikTok. Instant ramen noodles make some delicious bowls of ramen, but the dormroom classic is far more of a “souper” food than you would think. TikTok users have found some wild ways to incorporate ramen into foods you would never expect. Here are some of the most unique uses for instant ramen. 

Ramen lasagna 


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This is the food mashup you never knew you needed. Created by ramen TikTok royalty @ramenkingivan, this ramen lasagna recipe stacks sheets of raw ramen noodles with delicious layers of cheese and sauce in between. The court of the Ramen King is filled with similarly crazy recipes, like ramen s’mores and this ramen hot dog, which replaces the bun with crispy ramen. 

A simple, crunchy ramen snack 

Sometimes, the simplest recipes can be the most impressive. That’s definitely the case with this crunchy, fried ramen snack. Posted by @nick.digiovanni, this simple recipe involves cooking the ramen normally, and then frying them until you’ve got a crispy sheet of deliciousness. This is sort of a “fancy” version of eating raw ramen straight from the packet. We’ve all been there. 

Ramen burger

This recipe, posted by Justin DiMinted (@justindimented) replaces the classic burger bun with two crispy circles of ramen. DiMented’s burger also features two beef patties, hot fries, cheese, and a fried egg. This probably isn’t something you want to eat every day, but good luck getting it out of your head. 

Ramen french fries 

These thick cut ramen fries, posted by @demigodfood, are the ideal finger food. The ramen is soaked, seasoned, and wrapped around a stick. Then it’s off to the frying pan for a hot oil bath. The result is a fried ramen french fry that will make you forget what a “potato” even is. 

Ramen pizza

Sometimes the name of the dish tells you everything you need to know. This recipe video, made by @rubenalemanyt, is an inspiring tale of a culinary dream come true. Food lovers can rest easy knowing that, yes, it is possible to make pizza where the crust is a giant crispy circle of ramen. Add on some sauce, cheese and hearty toppings, and slice it up like a normal pie. What more could one possibly ask for in life? 

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