These creative marshmallow treats go way beyond s’mores

Marshmallows are a sugary confection synonymous with s’mores. But marshmallows have more versatility than being stuck between two graham crackers. Thanks to TikTok, marshmallows have graduated from the campfire to the cocktail party. From lollipops to beverages, here are five recipes that take marshmallows to the next level. 

1. Hot chocolate, Bailey’s and marshmallow shot

TikToker Nena (@nena3699) found a new use for marshmallows with this shot recipe. She roasts the marshmallow until it’s crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Then, using a fork, Nena removes part of the middle, forming a marshmallow shot glass. Finally, she fills the marshmallow shot glass with a mixture of Bailey’s and hot cocoa. Bottoms up!

2. Chocolate M&M-covered marshmallow pop


Milk Chocolate Covered Marshallows covered in M&M’s in the making! 🤤🍫💦 #marshmallow #marshmallows #candy #mnms #howto #chocolate #satisfying

♬ Disney – Steven Esso

You don’t have to wait for the next state fair to get your hands on one of these carnival staples. Make your own with TikToker Yanni Georgoulakis’ (@foodyfetish) simple recipe for chocolate M&M-covered marshmallow pops. Put three marshmallows on a stick, dip it in milk chocolate and finally coat in a pool of M&M’s.

3. Marshmallow lollies


How good do these marshmallow lollies look 😍🤤 @marshmallow_dom #marshmallow #kitchenhacks #marshmallowfluff #food #satisfying #satisfyingfood

♬ say – BCD – Studio

These marshmallow lollipops from TikTok account Twisted (@twisted) look as if they were made for a unicorn. Using a piping bag and a steady hand, the TikToker forms swirls of the blue and pink pastel marshmallow blend. A dash of celestial-themed sprinkles provides a magical finishing touch!

4. Marshmallow Nutella toast

This marshmallow toast recipe from TikToker Chef Koudy (@chefkoudy) is a Nutella lover’s dream. Once the Nutella is spread, Chef Koudy layers three rows of marshmallows over the toast. After a quick bake in the oven, the resulting dish is a fluffy marshmallow mass that looks like a cartoon loaf of bread. 

5. Smiley marshmallow cracker sandwiches

This TikToker’s (@linqanaaa) marshmallow recipe is so sweet it might give you a toothache. After mixing marshmallows, butter and milk powder in a pan, she rolls the paste into balls. Each ball gets squished between two crackers. She uses melted chocolate for a friendly finishing touch to give each marshmallow an adorable smile.

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