Creative ways to repurpose leftovers

Repurposing leftovers benefits your wallet and the environment while also helping to eliminate food waste. But constantly reheating leftovers can get old, leaving you dissatisfied and craving something new. Fortunately, thanks to TikTok, there are many different hacks to make leftover food taste as good the second time around. Here are five creative ways to repurpose leftovers.

1. Leftover pasta hack

This hack from TikToker Air Fryer Guy (@airfryerguy) serves up dinner and a show. Through song, he explains his method for reusing leftover pasta. After filling a bread bowl with the leftovers and a fistful of cheese on top, he sings, “You’re gonna put it in the air fryer!” It will be hard not to hum this song when enjoying your repurposed pasta!

2. Leftover bread crusts hack


Leftover Crusts Hack! Thanks @schoollunchbox for the idea! #kidsfood #kidsfoodideas #foodhack #foodhacks

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

TikToker and food writer Ciara Attwell (@myfussyeater) turns leftover crusts into lollipops with this leftover hack. After evenly removing the crust from a slice of bread, she coats the inside with a layer of jelly. Attwell then carefully rolls the crust into a spiral, similar to a cinnamon roll. Before baking, she skewers the rolls with a lollipop stick and spreads on a layer of butter. The finished product is a yummy baked jelly spiral on a stick. 

3. Leftover cake hack


LEFTOVER CAKE HACK ✨ because we don’t want no wastage… #fyp #foryoupage #mumsoftiktok #foodtiktok #foodlover #cakehack #chocolatecake #viral

♬ Taste – Tyga

This hack for leftover cake from TikToker and mom Renae Smiler (@renaesmiler) is a food-saving game-changer. After rolling the cake into balls, Smiler covers them in coconut flakes. For a surprise in the center, she adds a glazed cherry. The finished product is a plate of tasty coconut-covered cake balls.

4. Leftover rotisserie chicken hack

Never worry about leftover rotisserie chicken again with this hack. TikToker @liiinnnn__ mixes leftover chicken with taco seasoning, green chilis and melted butter. She then adds the mixture to a pot of homemade enchilada sauce before mixing everything in a baking pan with penne pasta covered in melted cheese. 

5. Leftover lasagna hack

This leftover lasagna hack will make you want an air fryer if you don’t already have one. The TikTok chef from this @allrecipes post places the lasagna in an air fryer after she covers it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, leaving you with a crispy lasagna wedge that’s crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. 

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