A woman found a doll head hiding in the walls of her new home

Nothing says “welcome home” like a creepy doll head.

Throughout 2020, social media users have been sharing their scariest at-home discoveries, but this one may take the cake. A couple is currently going viral on Twitter for allegedly finding a tiny face hiding in their basement wall.

The mystifying story comes courtesy of user @missjellinsky. In a tweet that now has more than 530,000 likes, @missjellinsky shared what her sister claimed to have found after moving into a new home.

“My sister moved into a new house and found this in the wall of her basement,” her tweet read.

Twitter users promptly freaked out over the near-microscopic doll face, which seems to have somehow been embedded into a brick. Many called the discovery “creepy” and jokingly urged the couple to move out.

“Nope, we’re moving out,” one user wrote.

“How much is she asking for the house now,” another joked.

“Just wanna say that this would have never gotten past me before signing those papers,” another added.

“Why didn’t she check the basement before?!” another user asked.

Some users seemed caught up in trying to explain where the doll could’ve come from. Others, meanwhile, seemed determined to make it less menacing.

The doll’s true origin might remain a mystery, although it doesn’t seem like that’s deterred @missjellinsky’s sister. The Twitter user later joked that her sister’s house just needs an exorcism.

If it’s any consolation, @missjellinsky’s sister is far from alone in her spooky discovery.

In August, a TikTok user revealed a series of strange, secret hallways they discovered in a home they were staying in. A month earlier, a Reddit user shared that they’d found an entire apartment hiding in their attic.

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