This woman decked out her car for Halloween and it’s almost ~too~ realistic

The month of October isn’t for the faint of heart. In honor of Halloween, people will go all out and adorn every square inch of their houses with spooky, seasonal ornamentation.

Those who are really passionate about the holiday might even take it one step further. Some people (like myself) will incorporate grim and grisly accessories into their outfits the second it becomes socially accessible. Others will plan their entire October schedule around festive fall events like haunted houses and hayrides. Then there are the people who incorporate Halloween into every aspect of their lives — like TikTok user Alondra.

Alondra decided to showcase her Halloween spirit by decorating her car to look like it had been involved in a gruesome hit-and-run. On Oct. 22, she took to TikTok to show off her work — and people were as impressed as they were horrified.


been getting lots of attention on the streets with this lol #halloween #scarytiktoks #fyp

♬ Halloween – Claudio Simonetti

“So our car has a big dent at the back and we took it as the perfect opportunity to make something scary for Halloween,” Alondra explained. With some fake blood from Walmart, a fake hand from the 99 Cent Store, some old hair extensions and some press-on nails, she turned her beat-up Volkswagen into a murder weapon on wheels.

Alondra did a great job with her decorations — almost too great, as some people pointed out.

“This looks a lil TOO realistic,” one person said.

“Sis I would literally call 911 if I saw that,” another added.

“Umm something seems sus about this…” a third wrote.

If you want to recreate Alondra’s spooky display on your own car, she shared a tutorial on TikTok showing how she did it. (Of course, you’ll need a pre-dented car to replicate her severed hand display.)

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