TikToker documents 2-night at ‘sketchy’ hotel: ‘I’d get out of there’

A woman’s hotel experience is terrifying TikTok users, with some commenters describing it as “like the beginning of a true-crime story [or] horror movie.”

Morgan Serrano (@morganserranooo) documented her two-night stay at “one of the most sketchy hotels” she’s ever stayed in and identified the specific venue as the Comfort Inn and Suites in Harrisburg, Pa.

Serrano kicked off the multi-part TikTok story by saying she was initially tipped off that the hotel was a little weird when the front desk employee handed her the room key in a blatantly used cardholder.

“Then he said, ‘Thanks for your business,'” Serrano recalled, “and I’m like, ‘Oh man, it must not be getting booked.’ I wonder why, right?”


I know it could be worse, it just wasn’t what I paid for, for my sons 7th birthday weekend . #birthday #hotel #ratchet #ghetto #scary #gross #help #hatethis

♬ original sound – Morgan Serrano

Serrano then claimed she was put in a room on the basement level of the hotel.

“You know who’s down here? Nobody. Nobody is f****** down here — there’s only one room on this side and one room on the other side and then storage closets,” she said. “[I’m] by myself, completely.”

To top it all off, Serrano said the worst part of the experience is that there’s no way for natural light to come through.

“Instead of having a window, I have a hole,” she said, pulling back the curtains to reveal more darkness. “There’s a grate at the top, and if you are at the top of the area, you can see the metal [grate] and it’s movable, so you could technically jump right in there.”

“[It] sounds like a setup,” one commenter replied. “I’d get out of there.”

In another video from the following day, Serrano filmed the grate entrance and couldn’t believe how easy it would be for someone to move the grate and jump down to her window.

“I’m gonna get f****** killed down there,” she said.


I’m alive. I spent to much money on this trip I can’t afford anything else for tonight #hotels #scary #basement #bdaytrip #hotelhorror #scared #ohwell #prayforme

♬ original sound – Morgan Serrano

In the TikTok’s caption, Serrano also added to commenters that she “spent [too] much money on this trip” so she couldn’t “afford anything else for tonight.”

Fortunately for everyone, Serrano safely left the hotel and Harrisburg.

“I’m so glad you are OK!” a commenter wrote. “I’ve been so mad and worried for you. Don’t let them get away with this!”

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