Woman creeped out by new neighbor’s ‘crazy’ behavior: ‘Keep her at arm’s length’

A woman can’t believe her new neighbor is demanding they become best friends. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if she mishandled things. The woman and her family moved into a home that was previously owned by a woman named Jill. Jill was best friends with the next-door neighbor Karen, and now that the Reddit poster has moved in, Karen expects that they will continue the tradition of being best friends. 

“Apparently, Karen and Jill both grew up in these houses and were BFFs their whole lives,” the homeowner wrote. “Jill’s husband got a promotion out of state. We bought the house and Karen thinks we need to continue the BFF tradition. Karen wants the kids to play. My son has no interest in playing with them. She wants us to get mani-pedis, get matching highlights and go shopping. I hate mani-pedis. I dye my own hair wild colors and I buy my stuff online. She also wants our husbands to be BFF but they are also very opposite.”

The Reddit poster and her family have no interest in being friends with Karen and hers. 

“Karen is a gossipy, mean-spirited conservative,” the Reddit poster said. “We aren’t. Last week she stopped me and asked if we would go to church with them. I just said I didn’t know we’ve been busy. Well, she gets pissy and says I’m making this difficult for her and being rude. We haven’t spent any time together and we really need to so we can discuss when we can go on vacation together. So I said, ‘Karen we are not going to vacation together. We aren’t having play dates with the kids, animals, or husbands. None of us are compatible and I’m not interested in being your stand in BFF.’ She blew up. Screaming and crying. Before turning around to leave I said, ‘oh by the way we’re atheists.’ She screamed and ran inside. My husband says I’m in the right, and they’re crazy. My parents think I could’ve handled it better.”

Reddit users thought Karen was not respecting boundaries. 

“It’s really odd behavior. Best to keep her at arm’s length,” one person commented

“Clearly she’s not capable of reading the room,” another wrote

“This woman sounds like a teenager,” someone said

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