Woman spots shadowy figure in background of TikTok video

A woman was showing her social media followers her updated manicure when a shadowy figure was spotted lurking behind her.

TikTok user @mooyahyah, who is best known for sharing videos of her extremely long and intricate nails, went viral for a very different reason this time around.

She shared run-of-the-mill footage of the designs, but commenters quickly noticed she wasn’t alone in her video, as she usually is — there was an eerie shadow in the background.


Full video of my most recent set 💙 I’m going to redo her though 😂 #longnails

♬ original sound – mariyah may

“Yeaa I don’t claim that negative energy behind you,” one user said.

“I had a heart attack,” another wrote.

“Who’s that shadow demon behind her?” a third joked.

@mooyahyah told one commenter it was just her fiancé, not some sort of ghost.

In a follow-up video, she joked about the “negative energy.”

“Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not,” she said. “Shoutout to everyone who was asking me if I’m OK.”

In the background of the update, her fiancé can be seen crawling on the ground behind her. It was pretty clearly a joke to most people, but some were still spooked.

“Girl you better run for your life,” one user wrote.

“I screamed when something moved,” another said.

There’s nothing scarier than a partner who doesn’t stay out of the way while you’re working, after all.

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