Why are so many TikTok users requesting ‘crops’?

People are wondering what TikTokers mean when they say “we need crop.” 

TikTok is where a lot of slang gets popularized and circulated. Sometimes these words or phrases enter the TikTok-sphere from niche communities or cultural groups. Other times, users forge their own new terms to communicate ideas within the app. 

A Reddit user asked, “What does ‘we need crop’ mean?” in the “TikTok Help” forum. 

“It means that they want you to post the meme w/o anything obstructing it so they can screenshot it,” one person replied. 

“They want you to post the video scaled down so they can screenshot it,” another wrote

So ultimately “we need crop” means users are requesting the creator post a version of the content without any captions or symbols obstructing it so that it’s easy to screenshot or save.  

TikToker @brxdleysrevenge posted a video of a kid skateboarding with the caption “so like when are you gonna be mine.” 

A user replied, “We need a crop video of the background right TF now.” So @brxdleysrevenge reshared the video without the text.

People might also say “we need crop” when they feel a video is too long. It may mean they want a truncated version that gets straight to the point without any tangents or preamble. 

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