CrunchCup protects your cereal from getting soggy

Cereal lovers finally have a way to enjoy breakfast on the go with The CrunchCup

There’s never been a convenient way to travel with a bowl of cereal. It’s the kind of meal you’ve always had to sit down and eat or not have at all. Cereal also isn’t the kind of breakfast you can meal prep. Sure, you can load up a container with milk and cereal, but by the time you get to your destination, you can bet it’s going to be soggy. 

The CrunchCup solves both of these problems. Not only does it ensure your next bowl will stay nice and crunchy, but you can also travel with it. The CrunchCup looks like an ordinary travel mug, but it contains two chambers that make it perfect for cereal. 

The inner chamber stores your favorite crunchy cereal, while the outer chamber holds the milk. The liquid will never spill into the inner section. But it’s not just breakfast storage either. The CrunchCup has a spout that releases the cereal and milk into your mouth at the same time. So every bite of Frosted Flakes or Kashi Cinnamon Crisp is as fresh as the last. It also means you won’t have to carry any extra utensils. 

Those on the clumsier side will be glad to know that while The CrunchCup resembles the look and feel of glass, it is made of a BPA-free high-grade plastic called Tritan that is totally shatter-resistant. Now you can enjoy crunchy cereal on the go or on the couch. And if you want to save the rest for later, you won’t have to worry about your leftovers getting soggy. 

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