Cryo facial tools are the new jade rollers

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Jade rollers have been a trend in skincare for years now, with variations like rose quartz and other crystals gaining similar popularity.

But a new type of face tool is about to top crystal rollers as the go-to skincare item — and the dethroning is as cold as ice.

Cryo facial tools, seemingly first introduced by celebrity facials Georgia Louise, are starting to trend. Louise calls her version Cryo Freeze Tools, but these types of tools don’t seem to have a standard name. Some brands hopping on the trend call them “ice globes” or “cooling globes.”

The tools, which have popped up in celebrity skincare routines and on TikTok, come in pairs and are used after being placed in the freezer for several hours. Rubbing the spherical tools on your skin in specific upwards motions results is a super cooling facial massage that’s said to both tighten and lift.

“The cooling sensation calms inflamed skin on contact, while the gentle rolling motion promotes lymphatic drainage and boosts blood circulation for a lit-from-within glow,” Georgia Lousie’s product description reads.

Shop: Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools, $125

Credit: Georgia Louise

The tools also promise to depuff the skin and reduce inflammation, bringing a sort of localized cryotherapy to your face. Think of it as frozen spoons under your eyes times a million. In her Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video, Zoey Deutch says she uses the Georgia Louise tools to depuff her face after a long night’s rest, including her undereye area.

“It’s so cold,” she says in the video, while using the freeze tools. “It’s like a brain freeze from the outside in.”

While that sensation doesn’t exactly sound appealing, it apparently works. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling of Sperling Dermatology explained that cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is a tried-and-tested way to improve skin. 

“The cold can help the appearance of enlarged pores and improve the appearance of skin,” Dr. Sperling previously told In The Know. “Cryo sticks also help to reduce inflammation, and can temporarily help the appearance of swelling under the eyes.” 

If $125 for the top-rated freeze tools is a little steep for you, there are some more affordable options as the trend rises. Try the facial tools out for yourself, and leave the frozen spoons for ice cream.

Shop: Fraîcheur Ice Globes Cooling Facial Tools, $50

Credit: Urban Outfitters

Shop: Sephora Collection Facial Cooling Globes, $25

Credit: Sephora

Shop: Skin Gym Cryocicles Facial Massage Tool, $95

Credit: Nordstrom

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