Cucumbers are a soothing option for natural makeup remover

Looking for a natural makeup remover? In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav set out to see if cucumber makeup remover really works.

One of the burdens of experimenting with and wearing makeup is properly removing it at the end of the day. Sleeping with leftover makeup can lead to premature aging and breakouts, plus it’s not sanitary for your pillowcases either.

Makeup remover wipes come with a plethora of issues — including the fact that they’re not environmentally friendly — and double-cleansing takes time and patience.

That’s what inspired Phoebe to test whether cucumbers can effectively remove her makeup. Cucumbers, in addition to being natural and plastic-free, are filled with soothing nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.

“[Cucumbers] help soothe irritated skin and they even help treat and prevent acne,” Phoebe explains in her tutorial.

First, Phoebe peels the cucumbers. She’s using four Persian cucumbers in the video because she assumed they equated to about one regular-sized cucumber — whatever you have available to you is fine.

“After you peel them, go ahead and chop them up,” she continues. “You can either mash them up with either a muddler or stuff like that. I didn’t have that, so I put the cucumbers in a blender and blended it for about seven seconds.”

The remaining paste should have a thicker consistency, similar to a smoothie.

Phoebe only has eyeliner, a little bit of concealer and dark lipstick on. For heavier makeup looks, she suggests adding olive oil or milk.

Phoebe then dips a cotton pad into the cucumber paste and gently applies it to her eyes first.

“It feels weird,” she admits. “It’s a little messy.”

After noticing that her eyeliner wasn’t fully budging, Phoebe added a splash of olive oil, which easily took off the remaining makeup.

“I would obviously wash my face after this because of the olive oil,” she concludes. “But super easy hack and super easy recipe. Also my face feels really dewy and smells like a juice bar.”

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