Watch Gordon Ramsay roast this vegan chef’s bizarre ‘Cucumber Wellington’ recipe

A vegan chef is setting social media ablaze with his recipe for a so-called “Cucumber Wellington.”

The dish, a meatless take on Beef Wellington, has sparked a wave of outrage on TikTok. Even Gordon Ramsay — arguably the king of Beef Wellington himself — has weighed in.

Cucumber Wellington comes courtesy of TikTok user @thenottychef, who shared a video of his attempt at the all-veggie recipe.

“See look, vegans can have fun too,” the TikToker says at the start of his clip.


Cucumber Wellington 🤯🤢 TAG @gordonramsayofficial ##vegan ##tiktokkitchen ##stepbystep ##wellington ##ramsayreacts

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As @thenottychef goes on to show off the dish, he asks viewers to “please tag Gordon Ramsay.” The celebrity chef and restauranteur has become massively popular on TikTok over the past year — thanks to his willingness to react live to any number of bizarre recipes.

Well, Ramsay responded. The British chef definitely had beef (pun intended, sorry) with the dish — and proceeded to thoroughly roast (pun intended again, doubly sorry) @thenottychef’s video.

“How dare you insult Wellington!” Ramsay says in his clip, which now has nearly 7 million views.


##duet with @thenottychef Someone needs a lesson from @thatveganteacher 🤦‍♂️ ##ramsayreacts ##veganteacher ##tiktokcooks

♬ Vivid – City Girl

Other TikTok users seemed to share Ramsay’s sentiment. The comments section of @thenottychef’s original video is full of disapproving reactions.

“How do I delete this video?” one user asked.

“What’s wrong with you?” another asked.

“So nasty,” another added.

“Why would you make this monstrosity?” yes another asked.

For @thenottychef’s part, it seemed as though the TikToker was at least slightly aware of how controversial his dish was. Despite saying the dish tasted surprisingly good, @thenottychef also said it was “too weird” to share a recipe for.

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