#CultureTags tests your knowledge of Black Twitter, memes and more

Eunique Jones Gibson is back with In The Know to discuss the launch of her new game, #ForTheCulture.

Gibson, the founder of the “Because of Them We Can” campaign, tailored the game to those who are in love with the culture and appreciate hashtags, memes, abbreviations and acronyms.

There are seven categories: Black Twitter; Church; Daily Sayings; Family and Friends; Film and TV; Songs and Lyrics; and Words to Live By.

The first person will pull a card from one of the piles and announce the category to the other players. Then that player holds out the side with the acronym to the room and gives out hints while the other players guess. Whoever gets it right, gets to keep the card to tally up at the end.

“I grew up during the rise of social media and subsequently built my career in this space,” Gibson told Yahoo Finance. “However, it has also made me want to create more ways for us to do the same offline, through human interaction. I created #CultureTags because I wanted to create a game that reflected the culture and the way we talk on social media and through text messages.”

“My goal has always been to develop and create products that ignite conversations, introspection & social change, and #CultureTags is an extension of the work that continues to motivate me.”

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