Meet the founder of Curie, a company creating all-natural deodorants

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When it comes to her clean beauty company, Sarah Moret always puts science first. In fact, the name of the company — Curie — is actually a nod to Marie Curie, the world-renowned physicist and chemist.

“[The company is] named after Marie Curie, who was a famous scientist in the 1800s, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize [and the] only person to ever win the Nobel Prize in two different sciences,” Moret explained to In The Know. “And really, that is a nod to our focus on looking at science and looking at the research before making any decisions about the ingredients that we use in our products.”

For instance, since the research on the long-term effects of aluminum and antiperspirant use is still scanty, Moret said that all of Curie’s products are aluminum-free. The company’s all-over deodorant spray is also free of baking soda, which has been known to cause irritation.

Shop: Curie Deodorant Stick, $12

Credit: Curie

Shop: Curie All-Over Deodorant Spray, $16

Credit: Curie

One of the major problems with many all-natural deodorants is that they don’t work as effectively as their standard counterparts. However, according to Moret, Curie is just as effective as any deodorant you’d find at the drugstore. She believes in her product so much, in fact, that she uses it “every single day.”

“Your body should be allowed to work as it should, and that’s why we believe that natural deodorant is a better solution than the antiperspirants that are on the market,” she explained. “When you’re sweating, that is your body doing a very natural process, which is cooling you off and releasing toxins.”

Moret understands that Curie wouldn’t be where it is today without its loyal and ardent customers, which is why she and her team always take customer feedback very seriously.

“What works for me isn’t going to work for everybody, so we’ve always remained very receptive to customer feedback,” she noted. “Along the way, we’ve just always listened to our customers and let them help drive the future of the company.”

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