Customer ‘mansplains’ brewing process to professional brewer: ‘Like I didn’t know’

A server got the last laugh on TikTok after a condescending customer came into her restaurant

Creator Dani Castleberry has a side gig as a waitress. When an obnoxious man tried to explain several menu items to her, Castleberry didn’t lose her cool. Instead, she got the best revenge by sharing the anecdote on TikTok

Castleberry lamented that because she’s a server, people think she’s a dumb little girl. She recounted that recently a male customer came in and “mansplained” the beer menu to her. 

“A guy came into my restaurant the other day and, without skipping a beat, explains to me every single beer on the menu. Like what it is, where it’s from like I didn’t know,” she said

He then explained the brewing process to her. He told her that it used “diatomic earth” and “lacto-my-cell-um.” She let most of the obnoxious behavior go. But when she corrected him and told him it was “lactobacillus,” he called her “sweetheart” and told her not to quit her day job. 

While Castleberry didn’t tell him what her day job is, she did let TikTok know that she happens to work at the oldest and most award-winning brewery in the Valley. She also added that it was “diatomaceous earth,” not “diatomic earth.” 

People in the comments could relate to Castleberry’s experience. 

“Imagine a world where he had asked questions, found out about your other job, and learned cool new facts instead of lecturing! I can imagine it,” a user said

“I have had men TRY to explain muscle physiology to me in the gym and they have no idea that I am a professor of anatomy & physiology,” a person wrote

“Chemist here. I lost it at diatomic Earth,” a TikToker replied

“As a woman who used to work in the beer industry, I felt this in my soul,” someone commented

“Literally me being a barista and having people explain what certain coffee drinks are to me,” another added. 

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