Customer service workers reveal the things they’ve done to customers after they were rude

If you’ve ever worked a customer service job, then you understand just how inconsiderate patrons can be. And while most of the time the best thing to do is just smile, placate the customer and complain about them later to your coworkers, nobody’s perfect, and sometimes it just feels really good to get some sweet, sweet revenge.

Recently, TikTok user and internet-famous waiter Darron Cardosa kicked off a new trend encouraging all of his fellow customer service workers to share the things they’ve done to a customer after they were rude.

Cardosa’s own confession was perfectly harmless and hilariously petty: Someones when a rude customer asks for butter, he gives them cold butter instead of room temperature butter “because I know the cold butter will rip up their bread.”

“Love this passive-aggressive pettiness,” one user joked.

“The customer is not always correct,” another added.

Many other users have shared petty stories of their own.

One user who goes by @awalmartparkinglot shared a story about how when a rude customer made assumptions about her socioeconomic status, she put her in her place with the perfect comeback.

In her video, @awalmartparkinglot explained that she used to work in the restaurant of a hotel that was affiliated with a country club. The people who lived at the country club, she said, “were always the worst customers.”

Well, @awalmartparkinglot’s parents also happened to live in said country club, making her a member. Her customers didn’t know this, though, so one day when she was at the pool of the country club, she ran into one of her customers who would always treat her poorly — and she didn’t recognize her.

While @awalmartparkinglot and the lady were making small talk, @awalmartparkinglot brought up that she works at the restaurant and sees the lady there a lot.

“She looked super, super awkward and goes, ‘I didn’t think people that worked there could live in this neighborhood,'” @awalmartparkinglot said.

In response, @awalmartparkinglot decided to ask the woman if she lived on the lake like her parents do. She replied that her and husband were saving up to buy a house on the water, so @awalmartparkinglot said, “Well I live on the water. You’re gonna love it when you can afford it.”

“You OBLITERATED her,” one person said in response to the story.

If there’s one thing you learn from all these stories, it should be to always treat people with kindness.

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