Customers’ note to chef sparks debate: ‘Cook it yourself!’

A customer’s unusual request for their to-go order has sparked some polarizing opinions

In the Facebook group “Don’t F With Your Server,” people in foodservice submit stories about unruly customers. One server’s submission has people talking after two patrons requested their takeout order be packed unconventionally. 

“OK, so I don’t usually post, but this I couldn’t resist… Two guests came in today with their own printed instructions on how they wanted their food prepared,” the server said

The note was typed up in a bold font with six steps and titled, “How to Prepare Alan & Karen’s Burgers to Go.” The note read: 

1) All buns in one container.

2) All meats in one container. PLEASE burger patties as RARE as possible (Just brown each side). 

3) All veggies in one container.

4) All cheese in one container. 

5) Of course fries in separate containers. 

6) Sauces or other items separate also. THANK YOU!

It appeared that Alan and Karen maybe wanted to assemble the burgers themselves at home for some reason. Still, the internet was pretty divided about the unusual request. 

“Sounds like they need to go to a grocery store,” a person replied.

“Stay home! And cook it yourself!” another wrote

But others theorized that perhaps the pair was traveling. “They might be traveling some distance with their food. They will probably put the meat and the fries in a thermal warming bag. I would accept the compliment that they chose your restaurant for their road trip meal.”

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