TikTok babies who were literally cuteness overload in 2021

TikTok parents went big in 2021 when it came to sharing their most adorable baby moments with the world! This year alone, TikTok parents shared thousands of absolutely adorable photos and videos of their babies on the platform. Here are 10 TikTok babies who were literally cuteness overload in 2021.

1. This baby who was amazed by her first birthday party

This sweet baby was nearly speechless when she saw the balloons and decorations for her first birthday party! In the TikTok video, the 1-year-old enters the room and immediately started saying, “Wow,” over and over again.

2. This baby who was caught napping on the job

This sweet video, shared by a professional photographer, shows a baby boy being posed for a work-themed photo shoot. The baby naps peacefully as the photographer gently places a fake laptop and coffee in his hands.

3. This baby with a rigorous workout routine

This fitness-obsessed baby clearly loves a good core workout! The video shows a supercut of the adorable baby planking in the workout space in her family’s home and even in her crib!

4. This baby who chose her first Pokémon

This sweet video shows a baby making “the first big decision” of her life! Her parents line up three Pokémon toys and ask their baby to choose one. After some serious deliberation, the baby chooses Squirtle! 

5. This baby who escaped his car seat

This baby Houdini didn’t appreciate being locked into his car seat, so he made an impressive escape! After wiggling around for a bit, In The Know parenting contributor Glen Henry‘s baby manages to free his arms from the constraints of the seatbelt, only to have his mom come in and buckle him back up again.

6. This baby who loves jumping on the bed

This baby jumps on the bed in the funniest way. Instead of hopping up and down, the adorable baby repeatedly throws himself face-first onto the bed — and even throws himself off the bed into a pile of sheets and blankets. (He was OK, though.)

7. This baby and mom napping together

This TikTok dad caught an incredibly sweet moment between his wife and baby. He walks into the room to find mom and baby curled up in a chair together fast asleep and holding hands.

8. This baby who uses bath time to train for the Olympics

This talented tot surely has an Olympic gold medal in her future! In the sweet video, the baby is placed into the bathtub, where she immediately starts splashing around, kicking her arms and legs as though competing in an Olympic swim race.

9. This baby who is best friends with a cat


Cindy was a stray cat and now is Natalie’s big sister 🥺 #catlover

♬ Smile Keeper – Hm

This cute baby has a cat for a “big sister!” The baby and cat get along perfectly, and the baby is surprisingly gentle with her feline older sibling.

10. This baby who made her mom cry by laughing for the first time

This mom and baby were goofing around when the baby unexpectedly started laughing for the first time ever! The mom was so moved by her baby’s first laugh, it brought her to tears.

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