CVS employee stunned after customer orders 45 photos of Post Malone

Ever wonder what happens to the photos you have printed at the pharmacy? They don’t just magically appear — employees see them.

In some cases, like with TikTok user and CVS employee, the photos are just too funny to keep to yourself. She shared a video of one unusual order that had her cracking up.

“So I work at CVS, and if you’re wondering, when you send us photos, yes, we do see what you print,” she said. “To whoever just sent 45 photos of nothing but Post Malone — I don’t know what this is, but I want in. I want to be your friend. This is hilarious.”

TikTok users were mostly shocked that people can see and judge the photos they print.

“I feel like that’s an invasion of my privacy…. but idk,” one wrote.

“Um excuse me….you SEE ALL OF THEM!?!?!” another said.

She wasn’t the only one who saw the photos, though, for sure — the video racked up more than 300,000 views, and within one day, the internet worked its magic to unite the printer with the customer.

A different TikTok user uploaded a video showing off a large batch of Post Malone prints, dueting the original video.

“It was me!! Project starting now,” ashlyn_schafer18 wrote in her caption.


#duet with it was me!!! project starting now 🤩 #fyp #postmalone

♬ original sound –

Unfortunately, she did not say what the project was, but we’re certain it’s one-of-a-kind.

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