Woman challenges standards with unibrow: ‘I am still beautiful in my own way’

A 21-year-old influencer showed how unbothered she was when people made rude comments about her unibrow

Cydni Akbar is an art student from the U.K. She’s known for her pink hair, colorful eyeshadow and the bold unibrow that frames her face.

Unfortunately, from time to time, Akbar receives unnecessary and rude feedback on TikTok instructing her to “shave it off.” While she finds the remarks baffling, she also has no plans on changing her appearance.

“I am trying to spread awareness about body hair and to show that looking different is OK — having body hair is nothing to be ashamed about and that people shouldn’t be put down for being unique!” Akbar told Newsflare.

Some of the comments she received in the past were “sort ya eyebrows out” and the razor emoji. 

“It makes me laugh how offended and annoyed people get from me having body hair,” Akbar said caressing her brow. “Look how beautiful this is. I’m sorry that I’m not up to your beauty standard, but I am still beautiful in my own way.”

Beauty is also on the inside as well as the outside. So the answer to your statement is no, I won’t shave it off because I am beautiful,” she added. 

Akbar then flaunted colorful makeup styles that highlighted her unibrow. She adorned her eyes with pinks, reds, flowers and tiny hearts. She even used her brow as the outline of a giant heart she made on her face. 

TikTok users loved that Akbar embraced her beauty. 

“I personally find it gorgeous,” one person commented. 

“Thank you so much for you just being you,” another wrote.

“I love her energy and the confidence this is how everyone should think,” someone said

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