The ‘Da Vinki?’ video is the ‘Mona Lisa’ of our time

Who painted the “Mona Lisa?”

Was it A) Mona Lisa, B) Leonardo da Vinci, C) Da Vinki or D) It doesn’t matter because there is a new great work of art capturing the hearts and minds of young people now?

In a viral video, which was shared first by the Vörös twins on Instagram and again on Twitter where it caught fire, all of the above are true.

The post showed Chris and Patrick Vörös, 27-year-old Hungarian Canadian tag-team wrestlers, answering a series of questions.

The one that caught the attention of the masses, though, was their response to “Who painted the ‘Mona Lisa?'” They both responded, with confidence, “Mona Lisa.”

When it was revealed that “da Vinci,” in fact, was the painter behind the masterpiece, they both responded with, “da Vinki?!” in the same incredulous and emphatic tone.

That sing-songy mispronunciation is infectious. In the tweet that made the video go viral, user cooldetat said that she’d “been thinking about this for a month now,” and it’s possible the collective internet will be thinking about it for another month to come. A new “Mona Lisa” has been born.

The Vörös twins spoke to BuzzFeed News about what it’s like to go viral, essentially, for seeming unintelligent. The assured the publication that they are laughing with us.

“We obviously know who [Leonardo] da Vinci is,” they admitted. “It’s a silly video.”

The Vörös twins have been posting on social media for 15 years now, and their goal has always been to make people laugh. They were messing around with Instagram’s trivia feature when they decided to purposefully mispronounce da Vinci.

“We were just seeing how many ridiculous answers we could come up with. We were cracking up so much,” they told BuzzFeed News. “We made the entire world laugh for a week now, and if during this time, people could get a good kick out of us…and if it makes people feel smarter than us, then that’s fine.”

Since the da Vinki video went viral, they’ve gained quite a few more followers, and racked up views on their other videos, as well.

Though it may not have turned out to be the serendipitous masterpiece we all expected it to be, it’s certainly a work of art.

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