DaBaby talks about releasing his latest album during the pandemic

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In a recent interview with Complex, rapper DaBaby shared how his success as 2019’s Rookie of the Year only fueled his ambition in 2020 — even amid a pandemic.

Trusting his gut, DaBaby released his album “Blame It on Baby” right after coronavirus hit, which debuted at No. 1. Six weeks later, his single “Rockstar” topped the Hot 100 chart and stayed there for seven weeks, making it his most successful song to date.

“I was affected by everything across the board,” DaBaby said about the pandemic. “I couldn’t go on a press run right after I dropped it … I had the ‘Blame It on Baby’ tour already scheduled. Sold out shows. 8,000 plus, every single show.”

DaBaby isn’t done yet. He’s still powering through and even released a deluxe version of “Blame It on Baby” in the beginning of August, which included a whole new array of songs he recorded after the initial album drop.

The Charlotte-native rapper told Complex that he plans to continue at this pace.

“I just love making music, regardless. When I get bored with music, that’s when I drop music. Don’t nobody else got nothing going on. When I have nothing to listen to, that’s when I say, all right, somebody needs to drop some music. I’m about to do it,” he said.

Despite feeling the negative effects of fast fame — “when you reach a certain level, people don’t got nothing left to do but find a reason not to like you,” he explained to Complex — DaBaby remains confident that he’s earned his top spot and can hold onto it.

“I’m the best and nobody’s f****** with me. Seriously,” he said.

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