Dachshund takes two tries to pass the temptation challenge

There’s a new internet craze and it’s called the patience or temptation challenge.

The social media test is all about restraint and delaying gratification for those with the least impulse control: young children and dogs.

For the dogs, owners place a treat in from of them and ask them to wait. Then the owners exit the room while keeping the cameras rolling, of course, to see if the dog can handle the request. 

One Dachshund from Upington, South Africa proved to be a very good girl after an initial hiccup. In the video, the owner puts down a treat for his dog Jessica. He commands her to sit and wait and then he makes his escape from the room. Jessica stares at the treat at first — and it almost seems like she’s going to pass the test — until she goes for it and eats the snack. 

But on the second try, Jessica stepped her game up.

This time, when Jessica’s owner leaves, Jessica directs her full attention to the door. This way she’s waiting for her owner to return, rather than staring at the food. Finally, the wait is over. Her owner comes back into the room to see the treats untouched.

“Good job,” he tells Jessica, who gorges on the treat. 

It’s unsurprising Jessica was able to complete the temptation challenge. Dachshunds are very receptive to rewards-based training. Harsher methods rarely work on the sensitive breed. The ideal way to train a Dachshund is with treats and games for 10 minutes a day. Clearly, Jessica’s owner has got the method down pat!

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