TikTok dad warms up for daddy-daughter dance in adorable routine: ‘Such a beautiful relationship!’

This young TikTok dad makes adorable dance videos with his daughter!

Cole LaBrant (@thesupercole) is a 24-year-old parent and husband who shares adorable videos of his family on TikTok. The popular TikToker has amassed a mind-blowing 19.9 million followers with his funny and relatable parenting videos, many of which show him dancing with his elementary school-age daughter, Everleigh. 


warming up for the daddy daughter dance at Everleigh’s school😎

♬ 5 SONGS MASHUP – Samuele Brignoccolo

In one recent video, Cole and Everleigh show off some of their dance moves before heading to the Daddy Daughter Dance at Everleigh’s school. The young dad and daughter are perfectly in sync as they dance to Samuele Brignoccolo’s “5 Songs Mashup.” Their dance is impressive, and they also look like they’re having a ton of fun. 

In another video, Everleigh runs into the room on the verge of tears and tells her dad she’s been bitten by a wasp. However, as soon as Cole starts to console his daughter, the popular TikTok dance song “Wasp x Caroline” starts playing and Cole and Everleigh immediately break into a choreographed dance routine. 

Another video shows Cole miming the intro to “We are best friends” by Nora and Melinda while Everleigh glares intimidatingly into the camera with her arms crossed. The duo then begins yet another perfectly choreographed dance. 

Cole and Everleigh’s dance videos are adorable, but they’re also impressive. The parent and daughter clearly spend a lot of time practicing their choreography. 

‘Such a beautiful relationship!’

Cole and Everleigh’s videos are extremely popular on TikTok, amassing millions of views each. 

Their video received a whopping 16.2 million views and viewers had a lot to say about the dynamic dancing duo.

“Your daughter is [an] amazing actor and dancer. Beautiful family!!” wrote one impressed TikToker.

“She gives me Maddie Ziegler vibes! Facial expressions and all!” another TikTok user responded.

“Such a beautiful relationship!” wrote another. 

Cole and Everleigh are certainly killing it with their complicated dance routines, but it’s the amount of fun they’re having that makes their videos truly special!

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